Best of Kickstarter and Indiegogo — December 2021

Roy Morejon
3 min readJan 20, 2022


We’re well into the New Year, but these awesome Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects from December deserve recognition. These eight campaigns stood out to me the most from the hundreds of innovative and unique crowdfunding projects from last month.

Which campaign is your favorite?

Rocket 1 — Kickstarter

3-D printers have become more popular, but Rocket 1 takes the cake. Rocket 1 is the world’s fastest top-down resin 3-D printer available and can print solid, flexible and transparent designs — this innovation prints within minutes and with outstanding accuracy.

MECA — Kickstarter

Zoom meetings seem to be in our future indefinitely, and MECA makes it easy to watch your co-workers during sessions while making eye contact with them. Working behind a computer makes it hard to show that you’re listening actively, but this webcam changes that. MECA is a 3 in 1 webcam for video conference and has a removable camera, a video light and a microphone.

Foci — Kickstarter

If you struggle to stay focused, then Foci can help you. It tracks your performance, analyzes your emotions, and delivers productivity reports. In addition, foci’s upgraded design allows you to wear it more comfortably, making it a must-have.

BP Doctor MED — Indiegogo

BP Doctor Med is a wearable blood pressure monitoring watch that tracks your activity and sleep. It is the world’s first medical-grade blood pressure smartwatch, and it provides comprehensive health data insights. So for those of you who are looking to monitor your health better, BP Doctor Med could be the right choice for you.

Kara Pure — Indiegogo

This unique invention makes pure water from just the air. It can produce up to 2.5 gallons of fresh drinking water daily and dispenses mineral-rich alkaline water. It sounds like you’ll never have to repurchase filtered water. Kara Pure also acts as a dehumidifier and purifies the air you breathe.

Elecjet — Indiegogo

There are many portable chargers on the market, but this one beats them all. Elecjet charges 100% in 27 minutes and holds the capacity to charge multiple devices. In addition, this portable charger delivers only the exact amount of charging needed and safely charges without overheating or surging.

Duo Cover — Kickstarter

Duo Cover allows you to use your microwave to its full potential. This plate cover is collapsible and acts as a heat guard, as well as protecting your food in the microwave. Duo Cover attaches to the top of your microwave and saves space. If you’re constantly reheating leftovers, Duo Cover would be perfect in your home.

The ONE BRUSH — Kickstarter

The ONE BRUSH is the only dish brush you’ll need. Its handle fills with soap and dispenses when cleaning dishes. In addition, this brush can attach to the inside of your sink, hiding it from view. The ONE BRUSH is a must-have cleaning supply in your kitchen.



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