Best of Kickstarter and Indiegogo — February 2022

Roy Morejon
5 min readMar 4, 2022


Kickstarter and Indiegogo are hotbeds of innovation. There’s always something new, from games to consumer electronics, gadgets, and accessories, just a click away. Each month, I’m awed by the ideas people have worked to create. Some projects my team is proud to come alongside. Others I learn more about through my podcast, Art of the Kickstart. Still many others I learn about like you do​, as a backer or bystander.

Here are some of my favorite projects from February. If you see projects you think I shouldn’t miss in March, please send them my way!

Buffalo Carts — Kickstarter

If you’ve ever filled a cooler with ice, drinks and snacks and tried to carry it across a backyard party or down to the sand and waves, you know how cumbersome it can be. More times than I can count, I’ve wished for an invention like Buffalo Carts to make carrying chairs, coolers and all of the other things my family needs easier. Buffalo Carts is a simple idea that’s executed well. It’s for parents, to be sure, but also for people who simply have stuff to carry outdoors. This electric-powered cart system attaches to a vehicle hitch and helps you pull up to 500 lbs easily. Don’t miss this campaign!

Hybrid Cocktail Glass by Elevated Craft — Kickstarter

The team at Elevated Craft knows cocktails and the tools needed to make great ones. I’ve always thought it interesting how innovative minds can take something as simple as a cocktail glass and improve upon it, and that’s what the team did with the Hybrid Cocktail Glass. This cocktail glass helps you craft a perfect cocktail without the mess. The interior cup has markings for ounces, so I know exactly how much of each ingredient I’m adding, and the outer stainless steel sleeve keeps my cocktail perfectly chilled. I can’t say I’m an expert bartender, but the Hybrid Cocktail Glass is one invention my at-home bar could use to help me up my game.

Rokid Air — Indiegogo

This product just blows my mind. I spend a lot of time in front of a screen, whether for work or entertainment. Unless I’m using my phone or another small device, I’m usually limited to the area where my devices like my computers and television are set up. Until I found Rokid Air. This is something right out of the movies. These glasses would allow me to use a device on the go. These glasses are compatible with any device and can be used hands-free. Don’t be surprised if I start taking all my meetings through Rokid Air.

Groomatic — Kickstarter

Growing up, I was always around animals and my family had cats and dogs as pets. These days, my little girls have started asking for a pet, but my wife and I haven’t caved to the idea just yet. Pets are a lot of work, which is why I was intrigued by the Groomatic. It takes some of the hassles of cat grooming away. Groomatic is an automatic cat grooming brush that helps reduce shedding and parasites around the house by helping cats to groom themselves. Now, if only there were something like this for dogs, my girls might finally have a pet. What can I say, I’m a bit more of a dog person.

HEAVYS — Kickstarter

If you took one look at me, you’d probably never guess that I enjoy rap music. I enjoy a variety of music and at one point, I even listened to a bit of heavy metal. But, back then, headphones probably weren’t suited to heavy metal. Thankfully HEAVYS is here to protect the ears of future heavy metal fans. HEAVYS is a pair of engineered headphones that allows you to listen to heavy metal music without damaging your ears. Its design lets you hear every high and low of the music with accuracy. It lets you experience the music the way it should be enjoyed. If I ever choose to re-live my heavy metal days, I’ll be sure to do it with HEAVYS.

Pathfinder+ — Kickstarter

I’m all for versatility, especially when it comes to tools. Pathfinder+ is one of the most versatile tools I’ve come across. This single, pocket-sized tool can do it all. I could use it to crack open a can of beer and then open my mail. It’s perfect for someone who hates looking for their tool kit like I do. This tool includes a utility blade, bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler and more. Pathfinder+ seems to be the perfect tool for quick fixes.

ROIDMI EVA — Indiegogo

Do you remember those heavy, bulky vacuums we all used to lug around to clean our homes?. Then innovations led to slimmer, more efficient vacuums from brands like Dyson. Now robot vacuums like Roomba are common to have running in the background. The Roomba has been a great addition to our house since it effortlessly cleaned up after my girls’ messes. However, ROIDMI EVA takes the Roomba concept one step further. This vacuum not only operates by itself but also empties and cleans itself. It vacuums, sweeps and mops. The great thing is, I could activate it with the Alexa on my desk if I wanted to. Watch out, Roomba, there’s a new robot vacuum in town.

Assled V2 — Kickstarter

In North Carolina (and much of the south) a little bit of snow causes a lot of commotion. My girls love to sled in the neighborhood on a snow day. The least fun part of sledding is having to drag it back up the hill every time. I wish I had found Assled V2 a little earlier in the year. Assled V2 is essentially a wearable sled that is foldable and lightweight. This is something even my girls could use by themselves. You can use Assled V2 in five different ways, and I know my girls will try every way. This will definitely be a hit in our home next winter.

These eight innovations are sure to find their way into my home. Which product can you not wait to add to yours?



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