Best of Kickstarter and Indiegogo — March 2022

Roy Morejon
4 min readApr 3, 2022


Kickstarter and Indiegogo are hotbeds of innovation. There’s always something new, from games to consumer electronics, gadgets, and accessories, just a click away. Each month, I’m awed by the ideas people have worked to create. Some projects my team is proud to come alongside. Others I learn more about through my podcast, Art of the Kickstart. Still many others I learn about like you do​, as a backer or bystander.

Here are some of my favorite projects from March. If you see projects you think I should take a closer look at in April, please send them my way!

Eufy Video Smart Lock — Kickstarter

These days there’s a smart everything for our homes, from refrigerators to doorbells. I’m sure your home is equipped with a smart doorbell right this second. There may be many options on the market, but Eufy Video Smart Lock stands out to me. If I were to have Eufy in my home, I could unlock the door from anywhere and watch my girls leave to make sure they were safe. Some days my girls and I are just in the backyard, deer-watching or doing outdoor activities, and I forget to lock the door behind us. Our neighborhood is safe, but it’s always better to be cautious. Eufy Video Smart Lock automatically locks your door if you sometimes forget, as I do. All this, paired with an unbeatable price, makes Eufy a great option for my home and yours.

Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 — Kickstarter

I can’t be the only one who is tired of folding pants or trying to hang them up on normal hangers when they keep sliding around. That’s why Hurdle Hanger for Pants 2.0 caught my eye. This seemingly simple invention is the answer to your (and my) pant-hanging problems. My closet is going to be very organized.

Frolic — Kickstarter

I scream, you scream, we all scream for….

I love ice cream, my girls love it too. We’ve tried to make it at home, and it was a messy affair. It was sticky, and involved patience none of us were thrilled about as we waited for the ice cream to harden. Frolic might be the answer for ice cream cravings. Frolic makes fresh and creamy ice cream in just two minutes. I doubt my family would have leftovers, but we could stick the frolic cups in the freezer if we did. Check out their campaign and satisfy your sweet tooth!

The MagSnap Wallet — Kickstarter

This next product isn’t for everyone. Some people, like myself, prefer a traditional wallet, but I know many others try to simplify what they’re carrying around every day. The MagSnap Wallet is perfect for anyone who puts their cards on the back of their phone. It’s also the ideal wallet for anyone who just wants a simple, fuss-free way to carry multiple cards. Each module carries up to five cards, and the coolest feature is that you can stack modules to hold even more. You can also add a band if you like to carry some cash around. It’s a great minimalist wallet that snaps onto your phone magnetically. Check it out.

ChouBox — IndieGoGo

Cat lovers, listen up! ChouBox makes having a cat even easier. It’s an automatic litterbox that allows you to wait up to 14 days to clean the litter manually. It’s incredibly safe for cats to use and creates a space to use their litter box. ChouBox frees you from needing to scoop every day and is a must-have for cat owners.

D-BOX VIBE Chair — IndieGoGo

Movie nights would look a lot different with D-BOX VIBE Chair. This chair uses high-fidelity haptics to give an immersive viewing experience. It works with devices you already use. The chair allows you to control the intensity of the haptics, and the vibrations improve your overall experience. Think of it as a 4D movie chair, but in your home. The audio haptics also allows you to hear the bass and drops of any show or movie you’re watching. If my home had D-BOX VIBE Chair, I’d never leave the living room.

Passport III — Kickstarter

I travel quite a bit. I always hate packing multiple chargers because they get tangled in my luggage. Passport III is the answer to my travel prayers. This charging block lets you charge up to 6 devices and works in over 200 countries. There is also an auto-resetting fuse in the cube, which keeps the block from overheating. With Passport III, It seems as if I’ll never have to worry about packing multiple charging blocks for all my devices.

These seven innovations were off the charts this month. Which product can you not wait to back?



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