Best of Kickstarter and Indiegogo — May 2022

Roy Morejon
4 min readJun 16, 2022


Kickstarter and Indiegogo are hotbeds of innovation. There’s always something new, from games to consumer electronics, gadgets, and accessories, just a click away. Each month, I’m awed by the ideas people have worked to create. Some projects my team is proud to come alongside. Others I learn more about through my podcast, Art of the Kickstart. Still many others I learn about like you do​, as a backer or bystander.

Here are some of my favorite projects from May. If you see projects you think I should take a closer look at in June, please send them my way!

AirHood — Kickstarter

This campaign surpassed its funding goal incredibly quickly, and for a good reason. AirHood is a portable range hood that removes grease, smoke and cooking odors as they happen. This is great for kitchens without a powerful ventilation system. My family likes to experiment with different recipes, and sometimes they don’t go according to plan. We have a ventilation system, but extra help never hurts. AirHood is safe and can be used in different areas of your house. This would be a great addition to my home and save my family from the smells of some failed recipes.

Prone Cushion — Kickstarter

It must be a kid thing because almost every kid I see on their iPad is lying on their stomach on the ground. My girls don’t have to deal with back and neck aches just yet, but for someone like me who also likes to lay on the couch while reading a book, Prone Cushion would help. Prone Cushion helps correct your posture and relieves stresses on your back, neck and shoulders. These days you can find an ergonomic everything from chairs to wrist pads. Prone Cushion’s ergonomic design gives your body ultimate comfort, and I can’t wait to try it.

ICECO JP Pro — Indiegogo

If you know me, you know I’m an outdoorsy guy. My girls and I like to watch deer in our backyard or on the trails nearby. It can be inconvenient to go into the house every time we need something, so I often pack a cooler. That’s where ICECO JP Pro comes in. This is an incredible product. ICECO JP Pro keeps food and drinks fresh without needing ice. The fridge has an adjustable temperature and refrigerates on the go. ICECO JP Pro is perfect for hanging out in our backyard but also for longer camping trips too.

Viking Forge Camping Axe — Kickstarter

Pack The Viking Forge Camping Axe for your next camping trip. Whether you’re planning on chopping firewood, creating a seat for your bonfire out of a tree stump, or want an axe for general use on overgrown trails, the Viking Forge Camping Axe can help you out. This simple product raised over $350,000 and garnered the support of over 2,200 backers. If you haven’t backed this campaign, you’re missing out. Unlike a giant axe, the Viking Forge Camping Axe is lightweight, easy to carry around and accomplishes more than a camping knife. For all my campers, this one’s for you.

Popur — Kickstarter

There are many successful cat products on Kickstarter. Innovators keep creating new tools that make cat ownership easier than before. Popur is another litterbox on Kickstarter, but this two-box system is already ready for production. It prevents and removes sticky clumps proactively, and is safe for your cats to use. The best part: You won’t have to worry about cleaning this litterbox for 21 days. Don’t show this to my girls, or they’ll be begging me for a kitten.

Infini — Kickstarter

My daughters both have fidget spinners, and this reminds me of them — only more elegant. Infini has five different movements you can accomplish and is perfect for anyone that needs something to play with during meetings. It’s small and can be easily hidden. Infini lets you spin and click, roll and press, swipe, knock and friction and take a deep breath. I am always on the lookout for tricks to reduce anxiety, and this might just be the ideal solution

These six innovations have me inspired.

Which products stood out to you?



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