I asked AI to create a product launch formula for a successful kickstarter project.

Roy Morejon
2 min readDec 31, 2022


Here is what Chat GPT created in a matter of seconds.

I’ve done some grammatical editing, but these are truly incredible results.

Here is a formula for a successful Kickstarter project launch:

  1. Clearly define your product and target audience: Before you launch your Kickstarter campaign, ensure you clearly understand what your product is and who it is for. This will help you tailor your marketing efforts and messaging to the right audience.
  2. Create a compelling pitch: The pitch for your Kickstarter campaign is the most important part of your marketing efforts. It should clearly and concisely explain what your product does, why it is unique, and why people should back your project.
  3. Build an email list: Before you launch your Kickstarter campaign, start building an email list of potential backers. This will allow you to send updates and reminders about your campaign to a group of people who are already interested in your product.
  4. Create a social media presence: Use social media to create buzz about your Kickstarter campaign. Share updates, behind-the-scenes looks at your product development process, and other engaging content to build excitement and attract backers.
  5. Offer rewards: Incentivize people to back your Kickstarter campaign by offering rewards for different levels of support. These could be anything from a simple thank-you note to a fully-functional prototype of your product.
  6. Set a realistic funding goal: Your Kickstarter funding goal should be realistic, based on the cost of producing and shipping your product. Setting a goal that is too high can make it difficult to reach your target, while setting a goal that is too low could mean you don’t have enough resources to complete your project.
  7. Have a solid plan for production and fulfillment: Before launching your Kickstarter campaign, make sure you have a solid plan for how you will produce and fulfill orders for your product. This will help ensure that you can deliver on your promises to backers.
  8. Keep your backers informed: Keep your backers informed about the progress of your project and any updates or changes. This will help build trust and keep them engaged in your campaign.
  9. Be flexible and adaptable: As with any product launch, things may sometimes go differently than planned. Be prepared to adapt and be flexible as needed to ensure the success of your Kickstarter campaign.




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