My Book Recommendations For February 2022

Roy Morejon
4 min readFeb 14, 2022


Finding time to read or listen to audiobooks is one thing I actively prioritize. This month, I read or listened to three incredible books, and I’m excited to share them.

1. Way of the Wolf — Jordan Belfort

Up first is Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort. This book blew my mind. His straight-line system for sales was insightful and reminded me of my early days selling AT&T telephone services door to door in New England. One quote that stood out to me was, “One of the key reasons why you want to always use a script for prospecting is that each industry has its own unique set of questions that need to be asked in a certain order. If you try to wing it — as opposed to having all your questions mapped out in advance, in precisely the right order — then the chances of you remembering all the questions, or asking them all in the right order, is slim to none, and each mistake you make will have a negative impact on your ability to gather intelligence.”

You need to get a process in place to build and scale your company. Getting my process on paper, not just for sales but also for operations, accounting, onboarding, and digital marketing allowed my agency to be one of the fastest-growing companies in Charlotte during its first few years in business.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow their business. Purchase it here.

2. $100M Offers — Alex Hormozi

$100M Offers was an interesting read. Hormozi writes about betting on yourself and why it’s essential to be bold. Essentially, this book is the blueprint to launching a product or business. Hormozi’s style of writing gives you the tools to learn how to make an offer so good that people can’t say no.

I’ve been told “no” before — many times at that. Every entrepreneur has. If I had listened to those who didn’t believe in me or didn’t want to help me succeed, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Hormozi’s theories on why pricing matters help show how to create value with your offers. This book helped change my views on pricing and how to build offers. It’s encouraging me to be more direct and bold in the offers I do make.

“Having a Grand Slam offer makes it almost impossible to lose. But why? What gives it such an impact? In short, having a Grand Slam Offer helps with all three of the requirements for growth: getting more customers, getting them to pay more, and getting them to do so more times. How? It allows you to differentiate yourself from the marketplace. In other words, it allows you to sell your product based on VALUE not on PRICE.”

Wow. Game changer.

I recommend $100M Offers to anyone looking for a roadmap to effectively selling your product. Purchase it here.

3. Making Numbers Count by Chip Heath and Karla Starr

Making Numbers Count talks about something many of us know we need to use, but are intimidated by how. It’s quickly made its way into my favorites.

Heath and Karla write about how we present numbers. They focus on the different ways we see numbers, whether it’s while speaking, during a presentation, or on a website. ​Numbers, and data, help people make connections between ideas and outcomes. Numbers help us remember information more easily.

Heath and Starr write, “A million seconds is 12 days. A billion is 1,000 times greater than 1,000,000. A billion seconds is 32 years.” If you’re like me, you have to think about the math in this quote pretty hard. But that’s what makes it so compelling. Comparative analysis of numbers like this in the book is what makes it such a unique and interesting read. It’s given me food for thought when it comes to the data I use in my business and how I can present it so it stands out.

If you’re intimidated by a book about numbers and math, don’t be. It’s a quick read that’s worth your time. Purchase it here.

I would love recommendations for other books to listen to, so make sure to send me a note.

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